Rules of Life:

1) Always Look Cool

2) Don't get lost

3) If you do get lost ... at least look cool

Zuvier is a lifestyle brand for those who want to blend outdoor adventure, style, and fashion. Zuvier is about a life of mixing adrenaline with leisure activities in an entertaining way.

We're about pursuing cool outdoor adventures and showing off afterward. The inspiration for this lifestyle came from Sunny's time while in the Army Infantry in Alaska. He and his peers loved living in extremes - no moderation allowed. Either it was sleeping in the Arctic circle under the northern lights or enjoying city leisure.

Our Motto 'Always Look Cool' comes from a universal, unwritten law in the military and serves as the inspiration for both our media and apparel.

The Name: Pronounced: 'Zooveer'

 "While stationed in Alaska for the Army, my friends and I came up with the word Zuvier to describe our lifestyle.  We believe you can go on a 30 mile backcountry trip, traverse multiple glaciers, face off grizzly bears ... and look like you're about to model for GQ afterwards.

We called those who shared our life philosophy: Zuviers."



Founder Aditya Sundaresan (Sunny)
Former Army Infantry Officer